Thursday, February 15, 2018

every now and then some dumbass talks shit before having a damn clue. Now and then, they have to eat crow

yes, it's petty to throw it in this guys face, but her really isn't a pleasant person to begin with. 

and I wasn't being an ass. He come out of no where with nothing relevant to a discussion in progress just to add drama where it wasn't requested.


  1. Go, Jesse, go! I absolutely love your blog, best car blog on the planet. You do a great job, and are so knowledgable. There's something I learn new everyday from your posts. Keep it up!
    From Paul Davies, a car guy too, (particularly MG's), but grew up up making Revell kits of hot rods.
    Pinner, North West London, UK

    1. thanks! I get lucky and stumble across stuff I've never seen or heard of, learn about it then post it. Don't be mistaken that I'm knowledgeable, I'm just a car guy that enjoys learning. I forget a ton of stuff every day.