Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dang, it's tough being a celeb... especially one that gaffs a illegal left turn in a city where street artists will dogpile on you for being a normal human that drives for themselves instead of taking a chauffeured town car

Jimmy Kimmel botched a left turn on Sunset, and yeah, I've pulled an illegal left there too, so has everyone who's been on Sunset in Hollywood.

I was a tourist! hey, they have a cool Rodeo Drive Concours up there ya know! And the Graystone Mansion Beverly Hills Concours.

Anyway, TMZ bought the video from someone who caught the above on camera, not the collision of course, and now some wanna be funny guy made up a spoof sign to give Kimmel shit about his traffic stupidity

That's pretty lame, and tasteless. But, not everyone can be Banksy I guess

via https://swarfs.tumblr.com/


  1. "But, not everyone can be Banksy I guess"

    Loved that one...

    1. thanks! I've adored Banksy's variety of innovative art and stuff for about 10 years now