Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nash Metropolitans had a couple regional models I hadn't heard of

The Fifth Avenue was the first Metropolitan show car created by the styling department of AMC, and its great popularity would inspire the automaker to create more "regional themed" Mets for display: the cowboy-themed "Westerner,"

 tropical "Palm Beach"

and New England-inspired "Cape Cod"

 Metropolitans made the show rounds in 1961 and 1962, and a handful of "Royal Runabout"

Met convertible and hardtop show cars soon followed.

Resplendent in multiple coats of single-tone "Pearlescent Easter Parade Pink" with paint-matched, trim ring-enhanced wheels, the Metropolitan "Fifth Avenue" featured an upscale interior with two-tone pink and pearl white leather seats and side panels over thick pink plush carpeting, which matched the pink plush carpet on the circular show stand over which the car rotated. The car's standard continental spare tire, normally sheathed in a vinyl tire cover, was enclosed in a body color metal cover, and the vinyl soft top and its folding mechanism were completely removed for a clean appearance. The standard chrome body side trim was retained, but special Fifth Avenue lettering was added to each rear fender, and triangular badges were mounted to the front fenders; these badges' internal designs combined the American and British flags to symbolize the car's dual citizenship of American design and nameplate and English mechanicals and manufacture.


  1. I had a 1954 as my 1st car...A convertible... No truck lid...A California car so it was not rusted out... But what a pile... The only good part of the car was the drive train...Austin Healy.. The rest, total crap..

  2. In the late 1960's a guy was storing his Metro in my barn for the winter, it sat for two years and he finally signed the title over to me in lieu of back rent. Only thing I really remember about the poor little thing was that it was seriously sloooow!