Friday, February 16, 2018

(funniest thing you'll see today) Oh Kharma, thou art a hilarious bitch (turn down your volume though, the woman recording this circus act of road rage is loud and annoying as hell while narrating)

If I were the guy in the Bimmer I would have then pulled up and over, and taunted the rolled over truck guy.

Seriously, I'm not above that childish behavior, and in this instance... well, it was attempted vehicular homicide, so... you're justified in taunting someone who has just tried to maim or kill you with their SUV. Moon them. Waggle your bird at them, piss on their windshield, you'll get a pass from me on it all.

CHP arrived and the Ford was still on it's side in the center median. Andrew Carson Branch, 23, of Escondido, was the driver of the Ford Escape, and in addition to rolling his suv, he now is arrested and booked for felony assault

The BMW of 33 yr old Kevin McCall will be charged with misdemeanor leaving the scene, and probably inciting, and assault with bodily fluids, and maybe even traffic charges of stopping on a freeway and obstructing traffic.

But really, he's going to pay a fine, frame the tickets, and get this video on loop in a display case.

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  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I e-mailed you this link today, not realizing you'd already posted on that, sorry. It is pretty funny watching that SUV roll over so easily.