Monday, February 12, 2018

Sept 1966, the Bent Bolt, and it's bus! Cute, if that term can be applied to a race car transporter with a clever name


  1. This was the race car and carrier belonging to my uncle, Ross Donovan. He was competitive up and down the Midatlantic in the 60's until the big money came into the series. The race car was a late 40' ford anglia with a small block Chevy V8.

    1. That's fantastic!
      I'm a fan of transporter/haulers, and even more when the race car matches the hauler, but the most when the hauler is unusual! So this just hits on all cylinders, and blew me away when I found this image
      You don't have more images, links to where it's online, or information to share, do you?
      If you do, please use this comment area, or email me direct, at
      Thanks for letting me know about the race car and it's owner!
      Did you get to hang out with your uncle? Did you get to the track to help with the car in the pits, and to cheer him on?