Thursday, September 09, 2021

(I kid you not, I can't make this up) A mental health assessor just said in the comments "Honestly, your proud politics are destroying you. You could be so much more."

"Of all the things for the grannies to bitch about! Honestly, your proud politics are destroying you. You could be so much more. This is up there with brake checks."

(this was a comment on the sign about wearing face masks in cars, alone)

 Like what, I'd like to know. 

In what way could I be so much more? 

Do tell. 

Wait, I'm being destroyed? OMG, you must elaborate on how I'm destroying myself, I haven't seen any self destruction going on, unless it's death by pizza


  1. Hey Jesse,TOTAL disregard would be in order for this wanker!
    Keep up the great job you're doing. Regards Rob.

  2. First You do a car blog so your poltict's shouldn't matter . Second i agree with you . But my very hard right thinking doesn't matter it's you're blogspot , it's up to you what you want to say ' it's up to us to read or go away . It is not up to any one of us to try to tell you what to do .

  3. As many times stated, your blog, your rules. And you had been very restrained in political issues thru those years I follow your blog, maybe few instances where there was some slight political comments on your side. Cool things and wheels rule this blog, politics stay outside. People who insist on making political essays in comments, can also stay outside. We got that in abundance all around, not enough wheels & cool stuff, way too much politics.

  4. Amazed by the number of whacko comments stirred up by that sign posting. Those people really need to get a life!