Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Dean Moon


  1. says "Merc" at the bottom, i immeadiately thought of Mercedes Benz, but then it dawned on me that it would be short for Mercury.

  2. Damnit Jesse, how do you continue to come up with such kool stuff day in and day out ? I especially like the older stuff like today’s banner. Thanks for keeping this old fart entertained and informed. Please don’t stop.

    1. thank you Ray! The answer is that I spend hours every day looking for stuff, to entertain myself, and to learn more stuff, and that comes from everything I'm doing, like music, magazines, reading books, surfing the web for entertainment, watching tv and movies, etc etc.
      I like the older stuff the most too, from the 40s-60s, but there is a limited supply of photos and information that are interesting enough for me to feel that sharing stuff isn't mediocre or worse, and that I might be entertaining or informing readers to a standard they ought to expect.
      If you haven't looked through the past 15 years of content, I recommend using the tag words down the right hand column of the blog, and choosing whatever you think will be most satisfying, or try "Awesome" and "humor" to get started.
      Then for the cool old stuff, try "hot rod" or something similar
      Or look the my "best of" tags, or the facebook page I made with my "best of"