Friday, September 10, 2021

here are some connections; Women got the vote, and roads in in the USA got paved, because in 1815, Mt Tambora had the largest volcanic eruption in known history

The eruption of Tambora was ten times more powerful than that of Krakatau, which is 900 miles away. But Krakatau is more widely known, partly because it erupted in 1883, after the invention of the telegraph, which spread the news quickly.

The results of the volcanic material in the atmosphere changed the planets weather patterns, changing the global climate, causing the coldest year since the 1400s, and that affected the amount of food in Europe, which caused the slaughter of horses so people didn't starve, which resulted in no horses for riding and caused the invention of the balance bike (pedals, chains, etc were not invented until later) by Baron Von Drais felt who compelled to invent a faster method than walking, to keep up with his duties of looking a the forest he was in charge of.

The invention of the bike, resulted in American women getting the freedom from male chaperones, and individual liberty to get away from home with a horse and buggy, which moved the women to wearing pants, and becoming suffragettes to get the vote.

Simultaneously, the biking public demanded smoother roads.

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