Wednesday, September 08, 2021

a 1/3rd scale B 17 that took 17 years to complete! Thanks Kim!


  1. Thanks for posting Jesse.
    I was at Airventure Oshkosh last month and had the chance of seeing the Bally Bomber in person.
    It is a mind bender for sure! If you ever want to see an amazing array of aircraft, in a seven day period, you must get out for Airventure sometime. It will blow your mind at the variety of aircraft ( and a lot of cool 4 wheeled vehicles) that make the pilgrimage to Oshkosh each year.
    The EAA has posted thousands of high quality pics on their flicker page. I saw almost every plane in their photos and walked many miles everyday, and I still did not see it all!

    Copy and paste the link, to see some great pics: