Wednesday, May 15, 2019

the NOS 1969 AM FM Mopar radio, in the last 4 hours left on the auction, went from $260 and ended at $405

 I'd been waiting for this auction to close out to find out what the going rate was according to the market... after all, a brand new 50 year old radio doesn't come along ever day for a concours restoration

There was not much bidding for this for the 1st week, and it stayed at 30 dollars for about 10 days... and I was hopeful that everyone had ignored, missed, or not been made aware of this and then I could come in on the bidding in the final hours for 60 bucks and buy it... nope. Wasn't meant to be.


  1. I see a bunch of radios for early falcons here in Australia around that mark....and they're usually no where near NOS!

  2. WHAT!? That's crazy.

    1. sold for $405.00
      Damn it. I wanted to replace mine, as the repair costs for a tuning belt will be at least a 100. Oh well, 17 years of never listening to it, why start now, right?
      That's another reason I installed the 8 track

    2. In almost every car or van or truck I have owned the radio worked poorly or never worked at all. Without fail. Guess I'm not meant to have one.