Thursday, May 16, 2019

So there I was, having just sat down to eat lunch at Costco, when Frank sits down at the next table... lemme tell ya, talking to a WW2 vet is a pleasure.

He'll be 94 next month, was drafted right out of high school in '44, got his bachelors degree competed at age 46 as the 4 years he went to college were a bit more about having a great time, he married and they raised 3 kids, a couple of them became accountants and CPA and have travelled the world and made lots of money

But Frank went to work at General Dynamics here in San Diego, then was transferred to Alamogordo, Edwards AFB, etc, then back here to SD, where they tried to pressure him into going into a supervisors role... so he said hell no and retired. The 10% of his pay he'd been investing in the corporate stock and pension plan resulted in him being handed a check - in his words "more money than I knew existed" and as he retired at age 62, he's been retired longer (32 years) than I've been out of high school and working (30 years)

He was first stationed in New Guinea, then landed in an LST or whatever the hell the surface navy uses, at the same beach that McArthur said "I'll be back" at Luzon PI, then was stationed in Japan after the surrender and I think he said he did 27 months in the Army all told.

He played softball til he was 84... and he gets a kick out of his wife and her quilting crew gaggling like a bunch of teens on the phone over their quilting.

So, here's to Frank! Hellava nice guy! 

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  1. That's great. I remember when I went with my grandfather to his Army unit reunion (sadly that was the last one they had as they were all getting to old to travel), I thought "What an awesome group of people." They loved to laugh and were all trying to out polite each other. They'd fight over shotgun. Not that they wanted it, but they each thought the other one should have it since it was the easiest seat to get in and out of.