Monday, May 13, 2019

I never heard of the GM Powerama of 1955 before, but I learned it was a part of the largest GM Motorama, of Sept 1955 and lasted 26 days and cost $7-million dollars (in 1955 dollars!) and even had the SS Tautog, US Navy submarine

General Motors Powerama pool on wheels, was formed by filling the bed of GM's 50 ton Euclid truck, largest in production, with 7,000 gallons of water.

I love square dancing tractors

Held just south of soldier field, the fair included the first solar-powered electric car.

The Michigan Technic, Volumes 73-74


  1. She definitely smacked her leg on the diving board in the one picture. It looks like it really would've hurt!

    1. It's obvious from comparing the photos that they went from 3 in the 1st photo, to 2 in the next two, and in the last photo, that I arranged based on the flow of the overall imagery of the dump truck pool, and NOT with the divers in mind, and you're astute to notice that smacked leg... I only gave that detail a passing glance, thinking "well that doesn't look right" before spending a couple more hours gathering other photos... lucky that the photographer happened to take the photo exactly at that moment... or we wouldn't be able to piece together what happened, and you get the credit for that!