Tuesday, May 14, 2019

a million years ago before Bob Dylan was a celeb, he was out walking in the snow with his girlfriend for a album cover photo shoot

odd as the truth is, Bob Dylan wrote and performed one of my favorite Hendrix songs, All Along the Watchtower, and though Bob's version sucks ditch rocks, Hendrix was so impressed with the entire album, that Dylan wrote while recuperating from a motorcycle accident, that he insisted on covering one of the songs, and AAtW wasn't his 1st choice.



  1. This is a great Dylan doco where you will find out who the girl from the North Country is among other things. https://youtu.be/kR_d9jT68T0

  2. Much as I like Bob Dylan's performances, his songs are almost always better when somebody else covers them. Jimi Hendrix' AAtW is a good example, as is 'Don't Think Twice...' by Eric Clapton:


  3. Interesting to compare the Album cover to the top photo. The position of Dylan and the girl on the street are almost identical in both, but many other differences in their stance, etc.

    I wonder how many times they walked towards the camera before they got the shot they wanted and finally used.....

    1. four. Click on the link.

    2. I was wrong, there are more in black and white on Pinterest... so, at least 8