Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Would you pay even 10% of the asking price, of a 15 year stored 1985 Countach that's been left for dead?

http://barnfinds.com/1985-lamborghini-countach-midwest-barn-find/  says it was in a midwest garage for 15 years and the price was $225

http://saleofcar.com/lamborghini-coun/028059 is only asking half that, and got it out of the garage.

it has 6 triple choke Webers on top of a 4 valve per cyl. 5L, 12 cylinder which is claimed to only have 1700 miles... and NO  mention of how many problems it has that need fixed for it to run, much less be legal in the USA.

Me? I figure it was smuggled out of Europe in the 80s, bought with drug money by some NJ schmuck in a purple velvet track suit, and never ever made legal for use in the USA. just a guess.


  1. Sure I would, right off just to have it sit there looking good. When eventually I tire of that, I'd start selling the parts.

    Actually I just bought a non-running Velocette Vogue, just to look at. Got plenty other bikes for riding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMIA2mDcvzo

    1. that's a good looking little machine!

    2. 10 years ago, in Japan, I saw an Ariel Leader, and decided then and there one day I'd get one. That day came, and when last year the Vogue came up for sale, I figured it make a nice stablemate to the Leader. After all, both were British (40 years ago I swore I'd never get another British vehicle), both counted erroneously on being able to compete with small cars, and both were the last hurrah of their respective factories.

      Looking at the fibreglass alone the Vogue has some design features in common with the beautiful Volvo P1800, whereas the Ariel Leader has Italian lines. Most non-motorcyclists seem to appreciate them both.


  2. Oh yeah. If it couldn't be registered, it would be the first Countach LeMons racer, take out the engine and sell it, pocket most of the money and put some totally wrong engine in its place, like a turbo diesel or a Buick V6. Then go have the most guilt and trouble free racing of an Italian super car in history.