Tuesday, March 28, 2017

an example of what AAA was set up to do, find, and document, bad road designs and conditions, and improve the roads for drivers and traffic. Here a street car makes the road too narrow for cars to be on at the same time, on the inside curve

On 11th Street looking northwesterly across Hoover Street showing limited clearance for automobiles between curb and street car making turn, Los Angeles, 1928


on 11th Street showing clearance between curb at southwest corner and street car making turn at Hoover Street, Los Angeles.


So... that's what AAA used to do before they solved the road problems, and turned into a travel agency for club members who want help planning a vacation. 


  1. That would be *TOO narrow...sheesh

    1. yup, I can't spot my own spelling errors untill a few days later... normally I go back and proofread, btu you beat me too it