Sunday, March 26, 2017

2 girls were barred by a gate agent from boarding a United Airlines flight, because they were wearing leggings, and traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a dress code,

The girls, one is 10 years old, were not allowed onto the morning flight because they were traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a dress code, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin said.

The dress code bars pass travelers from wearing spandex or Lycra pants such as leggings. The teenagers agreed to change their clothing and take a later flight, Guerin said, but the airline's actions sparked a quick backlash

Activist Shannon Watts of Denver tweeted that she witnessed Sunday's events and questioned United's decision to police women's clothing.

Watts was traveling on vacation to Mexico when she heard a family next to her panic. Then she heard the female agent explain to the young travelers that they couldn’t get on the plane wearing spandex.

Watts said the girl's father was allowed to board while wearing shorts and called the airline's policy sexist.

And there you have it, the real story... schools aren't the only places with sexist dress codes.

Delta Air Lines saw the opportunity this presented... and was fast to say: "Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear your leggings),"


  1. In the 70's my father was employed by a company that serviced the airlines, so he received similar flight benefits for the family. The dress code included a jacket and tie for males and a dress or skirt for the females. They did not budge on that requirement.

    Frankly, too many people dress like slobs on airplanes they are auditioning for the "People of Walmart" websites. While I don't wish to wear a tie when I fly, I do dress like an adult-- no short shorts, no sweat pants, no pajamas.

    1. Yes, things used to be different... but slavery was legal, women didn't have the right to vote, etc etc ... we have evolved in some ways. Sure, some things have also went to hell. But, to the point, why must women be sexualized in a dress code. For pete's sake, it's even called the DRESS code.
      What reason is there to be sexist today? Why must girls be told what they can't wear because men and boys can't control their raging beast mode at the sight of a spaghetti strap top, lycra, etc? Why must someone's notions of etiquette and proper level of clothing attire be the standard to which we must waste money buying clothes that do nothing to change the basic requirement that our sex organs be out of sight of the public?
      Ditto ties, WTF must men wear ties for? I simply will not, for any reason.
      A tie has no place around a neck, it's stupid, and unsafe.
      A dress code is censorship, and we are adults, not children in a inner city school where kids have to wear a uniform khaki pants and white shirt so no kids are teased, no kids wear gang colors, and no kids get killed for wearing an NFL team logo.

  2. there is a dress code for flying on the free passes.
    always has been.
    if you pay for a normal ticket, you can wear whatever you want, if youre flying for free, you gotta abide the dress code.

    1. Noted. I still protest it's wrong to sexualize little girls by forcing them to dress to some puritanical standard. They are kids. For pete's sake, they're wearing clothing from ankle to bellybutton, wtf is wrong with this USA? It's still operating by the Puritans standards of acceptable public standards. Why couldn't we have been founded by the French who are in favor of topless beaches? Or the Spanish who like an afternoon siesta? Or Aussies who won't put up with anyone's shit?

  3. Nowhere does it say girls can't wear leggings, it says ANYONE. Thank god as I'd hate to see a 40 year old man in leggings. The dress code for employees is there for a reason as the free flyer may be called to service on the flight if needed. Once again, there goes that dimwit Shannon Watts sticking her nose into business for which she has no clue.