Friday, March 31, 2017

Trans Am racing has a new owner operator, who happens to already do that for the SVRA, Parella Motorsports

Parella Motorsports Holdings has taken a co-ownership position in partnership with The Trans Am Race Company, LLC (TARC), the operators of the professional Trans Am Series which this year is celebrating its 50 th anniversary. The move expands an already collaborative relationship between Parella Motorsports Holdings’ principal motorsports property, the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA), and Trans Am who have raced together several times during the last two years.

Tony Parella, the CEO of the SVRA now adds the Trans Am Racing to his Parella Motorsports. “Fans are responding to a show with a variety of automotive designs and engine sounds both in wheel-to- wheel competition and on display. SVRA and Trans Am have tremendous cultural synergies, including drivers crossing over between the two series. All of this promotes sponsorship investment.”

Organizers of racing festival weekends such as the Brickyard Invitational at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway report growth in ticket sales over the past three years. Along with the vintage racers of SVRA the weekends frequently include other features such as Historic Trans-Am, Motostalgia car collector auctions, and the International GT series.

Parella has already seen growth in sponsorships from both premium, automotive and motorsports-related brands in SVRA, and will look to continue that momentum in the pro-racing world with the Trans Am Series and its growing platform. From the induction of The Trans Am Race Company nearly five years ago, the Trans Am Series has grown from 10 car fields to 60-plus car entries and multi-race weekends

the ownership group of TARC is now Tony Parella/ Parella Motorsports Holdings, Jim Derhaag, David Jans and Mike Miller all holding equal shares while John Clagett now joins Simon Gregg as a minority shareholder. Tony Ave will remain as a management consultant and advisor.

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