Monday, March 27, 2017

AAA headquarters at Eighth and Olive Streets, August 6th, 1911

so... what's the three wheeler? Mario mis-identified it... it's not an American Tri-Car, Steve nailed it, it's a Motorette, made by the C.W. Kelsey Mfg. Co. in Hartford, Connecticut 1910-12.

Thanks Mario and Steve!

In early 1911 a Motorette driven by Ward C. Sharwood, with Otto Krause as passenger, began a 4,416 mile journey from Hartford, Connecticut to San Francisco - the smallest engine driven vehicle to attempt the transcontinental trip. By late July they had made it as far as Ludlow, California, where they were arrested and held for two days for driving on the railroad right-of-way.

They reached San Francisco on August 14th, after taking 5 months - in which they had 41 days of actual running time.

They arrived in LA on August 5th, and this above images were taken August 6th 


  1. You're briliant! How the heck did you remember that blip in history?! I've only ever posted one of those... and forgot!