Monday, March 27, 2017

the Deltawing by Nissan, another example of the "Car Of The Year Curse"

I haven't heard a word about this in years, not since Automobile Magazine said "The Nissan DeltaWing is Automobile Magazine’s slam-dunk Racing Car of the Year. In fact, we just as easily could have named it Racing Car of the Decade or even Racing Car of the Half Century." This was the 1st time after an 8 year absence of the Racing Car of the Year that they gave that award to a race car.

If you haven't heard of the magazine curse resulting from them deciding some car was the "car of the year" read  because I can't find the post I did on this phenomenon years ago

It's odd that a group of focused car enthusiasts that only make a magazine that celebrates the best in cars can get it wrong so damn often... hell, it's ironic. It's simply beyond belief that they only choose cars that fail to deliver on the promise of Car of the Year.

Here's the ultimate bizarre thing about it, they never gave any Porsche "Design of the Year". Figure out why they snub one of the longest production designs being made, the 911. Of all the cars made that basically never changed their look over a couple decades, the Model T, the VW Beetle, and the 911, only the Porsche designs have been around during Automobile magazines run, and they've been snubbed why? Hell, the 911 has been made since 1963... how can a design that old not get recognition at one year or another for being the best design of the year?

Isn't the best design the one that sells the longest? Or is admired by the most people? 


  1. Porsche can't ever be a Motor Trend COTY. No enough cup holders and a trunk that's often full of engine.

  2. " can a design that old not get recognition at one year or another for being the best design of the year?
    Because it's old not news anymore, they want new.
    "Isn't the best design the one that sells the longest?"
    Nope, take the VW beetle which I consider the bane of the highways. I've been held up/held back, by more VWs than any other car.
    "Or is admired by the most people?"
    You're kidding, the unwashed commoners decide over professional Automotive Journalists. Nay Nay. ;o)

  3. Mini. 40 years of essentially the exact same shell and engine. Named Car of The Century.

    1. Damn, good one! I hadn't thought of that...