Thursday, March 30, 2017

2 hundred thousand Californians couldn't afford, or wouldn't pay traffic tickets to get their drivers licenses back... until the governor got desperate to raise funds, offered to accept half of the outstanding fines

When Gov Brown announced that Californians who have unpaid traffic tickets or nontraffic infraction tickets can participate in the one-time amnesty program, 200,000 drivers got onboard, paid next to nothing to get their drivers licenses back, and what's the real effect, in the big picture sense?

Here's how I see it.

A drivers license became meaningless when the state of California gave up on illegal aliens from Mexico ever becoming legal, and decided to give them drivers licenses.

Since it's nothing more than photo ID now, and the proof is in that people will drive without one, plus add to that the ballooned up fines far out of line with punishment fitting the crime (how does safe driving fast -not recklessly - equal loss of 40 hours earned income?) finally caught up to the accountants in the state capitol, and they let the Gov know, you can't balance the budget with the people not playing along, and paying their fines.

So, he caved in, and in June of 2015 said hey... pay just a little, and get that license back. In return, he got some cash to hep with the budget, instead of nothing.

His amnesty program does not apply to parking tickets, DUI offenses or reckless driving. It does apply to illegal aliens

All civil assessment fees will be waived for eligible participants.  Remaining costs will be reduced by 80 percent, for those that make 125 percent or less than the federal poverty level, or 50 percent for all other eligible participants.

 To qualify, individuals must have an unpaid traffic ticket that was due by January 1, 2013 or have a suspended driver license and are making payments on the ticket.

In addition to the reduced payup on the fines, there is also a $50 payable to the superior court or county.

Plus the DMV will charge a $55 driver license reinstatement fee, if the license was suspended

So yeah... money money money

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