Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Oh yes... I had forgot to put this link up.... (shhhhhh! don't tell no one)


Now, before you click it, remember, you didn't get it from me.

Also, safety warning... this site has a nasty effing trick of opening another tab on you, and that one will be a nasty little effing pest to close.

SO BE WARNED... never click on ANYTHING without being INSTANTLY ready to close a tab or window that opens INSTANTLY.

If that damn thing opens, and it will try every time you try to use the search function, or the volume adjust, or the slide bar, it will be a vicious bastard that won't close without a fight.

BE DAMN CAREFUL, and don't click a damn thing except the X to close a window or (if you get stuck in the loop) to tell the pop up window DON"T OPEN ANY MORE WINDOWS

Remember... it's a tricky bastard, but! It does have the full 1st season of The Grand Tour.... free.  

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