Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When you really don't mind how much work your truck does... because it's got a Cummins Diesel

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  1. I have pals that have 12v Cummins. One is a 3/4 ton and one is a 1 ton.
    These engines have more power than the truck can handle.
    They both say "its a great engine, unfortunately, they put it in a Dodge."

    The 1 ton had the cab replaced, because we live in "upstate" Central New York and they salt the crap out of the highways during the winter and the Dodge cab rotted away. They found a Ford cab and replaced the Dodge cab with that.

    The 3/4 ton, is a midwest truck, almost 400K for mileage. The body is in great shape, since they dont drive it in the winter. The body is in great shape except the torque of the engine has started to rip the cab a part, splitting seams and just tearing the floor pans. The amount of shaking that happens during startup and shutting it off, is shaking the truck a part.