Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I don't remember hearing of a leather covered car before, but this Minerva is.

Leather over a wood body... hmm. I've seen some cycle cars with a loose leather skin over a bit of frame work, and I've seen fabric covered cars... one that was designed that way for going on safari comes to mind that was in the Imperial Car Museum and Casino Hotel in Las Vegas

I remember a gray colored car at the Driving Museum in El Segundo, but can't recall what make it was.

Anyway, this is an original Weymann bodied Minerva, and they did several material covered wood frame cars for light weight and higher speed. Also the unique look and feel of the cloth or leather is an attention getter, even when your expensive rare car is in a parking lot with all the other rare expensive cars


  1. Italian coachbuilders Touring built a number of Weymann bodied cars in the 20's. Inspired by early aircraft construction, they were obviously incredibly light, possibly easier to fabricate and repair, too.