Monday, March 27, 2017

I ran a poll on the tip jar idea a couple weeks ago, and it's now activated

I didn't get any one saying it was a bad idea, and a recent set back reminded me about it.

Dont'cha just hate when someone else has your rental deposit, and it's worth a weeks pay (half a paycheck) and they refuse to be cool and give it back?

See, I moved and rented a room for the past 4 months, and without any written contact of any kind, as I can't see how renting a room and being a roommate needs one, or is helped by one, handed over 500 bucks for a deposit, and now I'm moving out because a friend needs some serious help and company while going through a bad time with a lot of issues (I'll be helping by paying half her rent and giving her a lot of emotional and motivational support while she is on temp disability).

So, the *$%@(^@#! roommate I've been paying is using a stupid excuse that I didn't give him a months notice. Well, we never talked about giving notice on moving out.

The way I figure it, a weeks notice is fine, as no one surfs craigslist for a place a month out, people just don't list places for rent a month early (in my experience) and especially in the case of being a roommate, if you leave the place nicer than when you moved in and were a cool roommate that was never using the rest of the house (nasty kitchen and living room I avoided) you deserve your deposit back with a "nice to have met you, you were a cool roommate, I wish you the best, if you need a place in the future don't hesitate to let me know" and "Here's your deposit check back" with a handshake.

When I start a business agreement with a handshake, I finish it that way. I'm a car guy. Not a business lawyer.

Anyway, getting shafted reminded me that some of you cool people mentioned how happy you were with the blog, and thought a tip jar was not a bad thing.... so - here goes.

Thanks in advance for your kindness and charity!


  1. 'bout time, now I can come here several times a day and steal your pictures with only a cloudy conscience.
    Bwahahahahahahaha. [/evil laugh]

    1. Ha! You're welcome to share them with even more people! (good evil laugh!)