Friday, March 31, 2017

Skip to the 1:50 mark to start... and check out a very rare ol Jeep, a US Navy jet aircraft starter

the find, rebuild, and gallery thread:

the owner points out at the 4:27 mark that this Jeep has an "rpm gauge"... notice, he calls it what he reads on it. He either is too young to know what a tachometer is, or, in the part of the country he lives in, people call tachs an "arpeum gauge" (shake my head... young people, good grief"


  1. In the book 'Yeager', Chuck Yeager tells of a method they figured out at some point where other external starters weren't available for their F-86s: They'd simply park another F-86 with a running engine right in front of the non-started one, and have the jet's exhaust spin up the other engine until the turbine wheel spun fast enough for it to start.

    (There's a 'blow-job' joke in here soemewhere, but I reckon my English isn't good enough for that...)

    1. Damn... that's a ballsy move (see what I did there about your blow job joke?) to have that hot exhaust pointed at your jet's nose, which wasn't designed for that much heat

  2. Nevertheless it appeared to work.

    On the 'joke' part; a while back I edited the Wikipedia entry about the Messerschmitt 262 jets, noting that "allied gunners called the jets 'blowjobs'", before that word got its current meaning. It took all of 20 minutes before someone had deleted it.