Monday, March 27, 2017

Hmm, in the news today, Uber is suspending its autonomous tests in Arizona because it's self driving car was hit by a failing to yield moron

An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the incident, and the veracity of the photo, and added that the ride-hailing company is suspending its autonomous tests in Arizona until it completes its investigation and pausing its Pittsburgh operations.

A Ford Edge failed to yield for the Uber car, causing the autonomous vehicle to flip on its side, according to the police report.

So, riddle me this, if they get to the point of these robot cars being taxis, or sold to the public, how likely is it that they'll shut them all down every time something unexpected and previously thought impossible happens?

The ride-hailing company was sent running from California after it failed to fill out proper paperwork, and landed in Tempe, Arizona.

 The company is also being sued by Waymo — the company spun out of Google's self-driving car program—for allegedly using the company's intellectual property to build their own autonomous cars.

And as for the self driving software stuff? It still does NOT keep the car it controls from running red lights. Well, the date stamp on the video is last thanksgiving-ish, but... really? Blowing off a red light when a pedestrian is off the curb and on the road in the crosswalk? Not cool

But even though Uber said it had suspended an employee riding in the Volvo, the self-driving car was, in fact, driving itself when it barreled through the red light, according to two Uber employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they signed nondisclosure agreements with the company, and internal Uber documents viewed by The New York Times. All told, the mapping programs used by Uber’s cars failed to recognize six traffic lights in the San Francisco area. “In this case, the car went through a red light,” the documents said.

Wouldn't it be cheaper for Uber to just hire and train drivers to give people free rides? Retired folks with impeccable driving records and exemplary driving skills need part time jobs you know. 

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