Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Designed in Italy by Fiat, adapted in Japan by Nissan, made in Mexico, powered by a Renault engine in India, and spec raced in Canada, but not sold in the USA... the Nissan Micra is a racing machine that before racing mods sells for 10 thousand Canadian dollars

there are 3 versions sold in Canada, and they have the same engine and HP, just more optional luxury features like bluetooth.

it's the most inexpensive car sold in Canada, so, the Motorsports In Action team built some up, and went racing, then other people got the bug to go racing cheap (like Mazda Miata used to be) in identical cars (like IROC used to be)

you can read about the racing of the Micra all over the car enthusiast magazine websites, or

March Enchante models included a swivel front passenger's seat that turns 90° in a simple operation to allow easy ingress and egress by senior citizens and wheelchair users as well as by persons wearing traditional Japanese clothing.

In 1995, it topped the small car class in a reliability survey of four to six-year-old cars undertaken by the German Automobile Association,
with 7.5 recorded breakdowns per 1,000 vehicles for four-year-old Micras
and 11.5 for six-year-old cars:
this compared with 8.0 breakdowns per 1,000 cars for four-year-old Volkswagen Polos
and 15.3 for six-year-old Polos

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