Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Well, darn it, I didn't know that a tip jar would be a thing... why didn't I ask for

email addresses of lonely women racetrack owners who need a friendly test driver to get their muscle cars sorted out and ready for vintage racing?

barn find Hemi Superbees or 100 year old Indian motorcycles?

1965 GT 350s that need a new home?

You guys are great! I sure didn't realize how much you all like this pet project of mine!

Thanks to Bruce, Trevor, Brett, Timothy, Gordon, Karl, Eldon, Daniel, Dan, Paul and Bjorn for making my day!

(and if anyone needs some help with Pebble Beach Concours, or knows a rich widow that has a beer brewery in Ireland that is looking for a friendly taste tester who can help her with her dad's race cars? Just saying, I'm available!) 


  1. You wouldn't have gotten those things, but we can all kick is a couple bucks now and then, to keep our favorite webmaster from getting distracted by life too often. Don't get a swelled head, it's a purely selfish move on our part. ;o)

    1. ahh phooey. Well, I realized that racetrack thing was too much to ask for.. (kicks the ground pouting, then gets back to blogging)