Friday, March 31, 2017

it all started when a welder did some side work at a hot rod shop, then, they had him come by every couple days, when a new tv show needed a place to film the place he worked at was chosen. Rides... that producer loved his work, and then when he moved on to Overhaulin' he asked the welder to join as a fabricator. One thing leads to another!

In the early 1990s, an acquaintance suggested that Craig contact a local hotrod shop to see if they could use his welding skills. That tip led to Craig working part-time on hotrods, custom cars, sprint cars, mud trucks and just about anything requiring fabrication.

Two or three days a week, Craig helped with a wide variety of projects. All the while, he got an education in suspension and chassis design, fabrication, paint and much more.

In 2004 “Rides,” a popular reality TV show about hotrod builders, taped a few episodes at Dominator Street Rods. By that time, Craig had developed a reputation for doing quality work. Later he received a phone call from the program’s producer about a new show called “Overhaulin’.” Did Craig want to join the show as a fabricator? Craig said yes, and over the next five years he worked with Chip Foose and his crew on 21 episodes.

By early 2015, after two and a half years of nights and weekends, Craig had essentially completed the car.

And the engine choice was made by deferring to a GM troubleshooting engineer, who recommneded a Pontiac L76, related to the LS2, and 6 liters.

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