Sunday, February 11, 2018

51 vehicles over a stretch of three miles on the Interstate 94 in Michigan crashed into each other, 34 of them were semi trucks. That was this weekend, last weekend it was a 29 car pile up

First responders were working to remove a jackknifed semitractor-trailer at the Galesburg exit ramp when the chaos began to unfold. In the blink of an eye, cars and semis started crashing into each other.

The crash occurred about 12:30 p.m. during periods of heavy snowfall. The freeway was re-opened about 6:30 pm

Eastbound I-94 was closed from S. Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo to 35th Street in Galesburg

last week:

Same thing happened 3 years ago... and they've done nothing to prevent more of these on this stretch of freeway... like warning lights triggered by 911, sirens triggered by truckers keying the mike on some CB channel

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