Tuesday, August 01, 2017

July banners, there weren't many


  1. Hi Jesse,
    I didn't notice the small figure behind Bluebird's front wheel when the picture was a banner, but i think it's Donald Campbell, Malcolm's son. His father was scathing of his son's abilities and gave away the Bluebird boat and car in his will so the boy couldn't try and break records with them.
    Donald managed to buy back the boat and became a tremendously successful record breaker in his own right before dying in a crash on Coniston Water.
    Malcolm Campbell was not a nice man.

    1. Could be, I've seen his kid in a couple photos with him. Campbell was a driven man, and that leaves very little warmth for anyone not helping the mission.
      I can empathize a bit with him trying to prevent his kid from pursuing a deadly lifestyle though, that's parenting.
      I bet he did a lot to put his kid into a successful education and career in something else, to help create a safe and prosperous life for his son, but, there is no preventing your kids from following in your stupid steps from parental worship and love. They love you, and they probably love the adrenaline idiocy you do, and will mimic it if they can.
      I bet old man Campbell had a rougher life than the one he set his kid on track for... and that too will make a guy bitter and difficult, even mean. Taking on the shit storm of life instead of letting your kids experience it, is a dutiful sacrifice for a parent.
      Sadly, it's a fast track to being bitter and resentful.