Thursday, August 03, 2017

Yesterday a Swift rig wrecked a stones throw from where I work, but it's not with the usual humor that I post this news, this time people died.

Since Swift went 100% cameras in all their rigs, there ought to be video. Not released to the public I suppose, but at least law enforcement will learn what caused this rig to head left across all lanes of the Southbound, then the Northbound SR 125, then across the exit ramp to the Eastbound 8

ABC 10 News reports that the rig was west bound on Interstate 8, then took the exit ramp to Southbound 125, and never straightened out, but continued to pull left across all lanes, through the concrete K rail divider, left across all 3 or 4 lanes of the 125 North, and then left across the exit ramp of northbound 125 to eastbound 8

The female driver of the Freightliner semi was on the ramp from westbound I-8 to southbound SR-125 and hit the guardrail separating the north and south lanes of the 125 at 2:30 p.m., said the CHP. The Freightliner hit a guardrail and went through a concrete wall separating the eastbound I-8 ramp from northbound 125, according to officials.

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