Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Jon Lundberg, the Voice of The Golden Era of Drag Racing

“In ’64, I went to the NHRA Nationals as the announcer for Hurst Performance Records. Dick Blake of Fleetwood Records contacted Jack Duffy, the PR guy for Hurst Performance, and told him that recordings of the races would be good for the sport. I got the call from Hurst, and the first event I did was the Bonneville National Speed Trials the week before the NHRA Nationals. The first guy I interviewed at Bonneville was Burt Munro, the rider of the World’s Fastest Indian motorcycle.

“We took him to dinner, and we used a Nagra recorder, state of the art, 3/8-inch-wide tape, stereo microphones. Dinner took three hours, and the exchange was marvelous. Why that record was never published, I don’t know."

(wouldn't that recording be something you'd love to listen to?!)

read the entire article about his amazing career interviewing all the greats of drag racing at

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