Monday, July 31, 2017

Ford has a small problem. 1.33 million Ford Explorers, primarily police fleet vehicles, are under scrutiny for making the inhabitants sick from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. That's serious shit.

When the fleet level installation of police equipment occurred in Explorers, the holes in the floor weren't sealed right. That lets in engine exhaust.

Plus, U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it recently learned that the police version of the 2011-2017 Ford Explorer was experiencing exhaust manifold cracks.

The city of Austin, Texas said Friday it was removing all 400 of the city’s Ford Explorer SUVs from use.

More than 60 Austin officers filed workers compensation claims in the last five months, citing exposure to carbon monoxide.

 Several Texas media outlets cited a city memo that said 20 police officers have been found with elevated levels of carbon monoxide and three have not returned to work.

Police have reported two crashes that may be linked to carbon monoxide exposure and a third incident involving injuries related to carbon monoxide exposure.

The auto safety agency said it was also aware of more than 2,700 complaints that may be linked to exhaust orders and possible exposure to carbon monoxide and 41 injuries among police and civilian vehicles in the probe covering 2011-2017 model year Ford Explorer sport utility vehicles.

NHTSA upgraded its probe from an investigation to an engineering analysis, which is one step away from forcing Ford to a recall.

If you smell exhaust inside a vehicle, that's a problem, get a dealership to figure out why, and prevent that from happening.

But keep this in mind, you CAN NOT smell carbon monoxide. It IS an exhaust gas from the engine's burning gas and creating vapors and exhaust emissions of the atmospheric kind. Carbon Monoxide has no smell, no color, and no taste.

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  1. Ive not heard of any other police departments having any issue with this.

    It could be legit, but right now there is a lot of financial problems with the pension funds in Texas, almost every police pension fund in Texas will be bankrupt in less than 10 years. and in Austin the negotiations between the police union and the city are not going well,

    There may or may not be any connection, but the explorer exhaust leak so far, has not been an issue in cities where the police pension funds are not almost bankrupt and thus having all the cops mad at the city.