Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Coffee and Donuts videos of the day! Red Bull Soapbox Race UK 2017, some of the coolest, most fun, and imaginative vehicles yet. Best Jumps, Worst Jumps, and the coolest thing I've seen all week!

You Gotham Be Kidding Me's racer © LEO FRANCIS/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

For good coverage of the event, who won and what they brought, see

one of my favorites is the Raptors... and how cool is this? They made an application video to get selected to run the Red Bull Soap Box Race!

that's the coolest thing I've seen all week

Until I saw this!

and the drivers point of view:

and if you're wanting to attend a Red Bull Soapbox Race, check

The Red Bull Soapbox Race will return to Los Angeles on August 20

If you can't travel to any of them, but want to watch online, try

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