Monday, July 31, 2017

The Beach Boys had a Capitol Records promo gifted to them of 5 matching Mini Mokes by Barris Kustoms, and it looks like Barris used the publicity to try and sell a lot more to the public

Commissioned by Capitol Records and made by George Barris in 1966.  Supposedly 5 were built for the boys themselves and they were called 'Mini Surfers'.

These special Mokes came with candy stripes both in and outside, a special fringed canopy, golden record wheel discs, 8-track sound systems with removable speakers, chromed bumpers and fake air intakes on the bonnet.

The seats were made of red and white fur fabric, and the surfboard on top was a Dewey Weber

Supposedly another 20 were built to give away to radio stations throughout the US to be raffled in special Beach Boys competitions.

A May issue of  Classic & Sports Car magazine had an article about Barris and mentioned these

at least one is sitting in a garage gathering dust

in Nov 1966, on Monday the 7th

The Beach Boys: The Definitive Diary of America's Greatest Band, on Stage

and at the 4:18 minute mark


  1. The old stager mislead people for years, claiming he built the Monkeemobile, Dean Jeffries was that cars creator, nothing to do with Barris other than he owned it for many years as part of his Stars Cars Hollywood museum, he may have built copies of the car but had NO input into its inception.

    1. you must be referring to the video. I haven't said anything about the Monkee GTO in this post... but I set the record straight on that several times and others