Tuesday, August 01, 2017

This is how bad a hail storm can damage cars, stop traffic, etc this just occurred a couple of days ago in Istanbul, a freak storm caused hail balls and flash floods

when hail the size of goose eggs is pounding down, you better have some protection for you, and your cars. Nothing can help larger things like houses and buildings.

Drive under a car wash, gas station awning, car dealership garage, parking garage, bridge or overpass.

If you and your car are home, and you can prepare for a hail storm that you know will eventually hit, have a construction hard hat, and an inflatable queen or king size cheap bed from Walmart or costco, or a lot of pool floating mattresses to cover your vehicles with


the hail damage is this bad:

the above vehicles have chipped paint and busted up front and back windshields

the paint on this building is wrecked

this plane made an emergency landing at Canakkale Airport, Aegean city of Turkey



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