Wednesday, August 02, 2017

ridiculous names car makers have used on their models

Daihatsu Scat,
Daihatsu Charade Social Poze
Mazda Carol Me Lady,
Lancia Fulvia (think about that one)
Toyota Deliboy,
BMC Landcrab.
Suzuki Van Van,
Suzuki Every Joy Pop Turbo
Suzuki Cappuccino
Renault Wind
Geely Beauty Leopard
Mitsubishi Carisma


  1. Many (many) years ago when I was a first year college student, I took a class in Marketing 101 where we discussed product naming do's and don'ts. Chevy made the top of the "nope" list with the Nova in Mexico. The geniuses in Detroit couldn't figure out why Nova sales were basically zero in MX, but strong elsewhere.

    No Va means "it doesn't go" in Spanish.

    1. yup, I deliberately left out some old worn out common ones in order to deliver fresh idiocy, not just roll out the same old tired list of lazy reporting.
      Why bother reading anything that tells you what you already know?
      Like those damn ugliest car lists that go right to the Aztek and Pacer?
      See what I mean? Repetition is the sign of lack of imagination, motivation, and tenacity.
      I used only names that I've never posted before.
      I try to never repost anything, unless I'm seriously enthusiastic about a topic (anniversary of Convoy Day, 426 day, Xmas etc)

  2. Similar thing happened in Canada with the LaCrosse. Some things gain rather than lose in translation. The Nissan 'Sunny Excellent' always made me chuckle. Then there are dumb things, like a certain member of the Ford family deciding all new models needed names that began with the letter 'F'?? And speaking of F words, I'm still wondering what fine folks in Maranello were thinking with the Ferrari theFerrari? Great car, stupid name.

    1. and Chevy went overboard naming their models with the letter C, Chevelle, Corvette, Corvair...

      Ford had a lot of F models? Falcon, Fairlane, Fairmont, Futura, Festiva.. or do you mean recently with the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Flex, Five Hundred, Freestyle and F150?

    2. Whoops, I wasn't done with Chevy when I started typing on the Fords... back to Chevy, Caprice, Camaro, Cameo, Chevy II, and C/K

    3. Recently seemed to me they ran out of ideas with the five hundred, which was ditched in what? Two years? Come to think of it, they did it with Mercury too. The model alliteration seems to have reached keeping up with the Jones's absurdity with Cadillac's CTS, etc. etc., and Lincoln's MKZ, et. al., at least Lincoln now has the Continental name back.

    4. I believe they had a big mess with the Five Hundred. It was the Taurus, then it wasn't, then it was the 500, then the Five Hundred. Something ridiculous like that.

  3. I think it was Mazda or Datsun that had one called a "Fair Lady"..What guy would buy that?
    There was an R.V. called a "Slumber Queen"....Sheesh!
    I still see it in a storage yard close to town and I think they tried to sell it a while back..

    1. I have seen some Fair Lady's. I just posted how they got that name too... The company president of Datsun was at the theater, enjoyed the play, but was so impressed by the sound of the title, he called his next sports car the Fair Lady, from My Fair Lady (1958) Guys bought it because it was a nice little sports car, and less expensive than Corvettes Jags, etc
      Slumber Queen? Weird