Tuesday, August 01, 2017

the Dodge Charger.

during the many variations we usually forget about, it has been a fastback, a notchback, a hatchback and a Chrysler Cordoba knockoff.

Possibly the only car with a similar ridiculous amount of different designs is the Thunderbird.

The second-generation Charger, introduced for 1968, is the one drawn by Richard Sias, done during lunch breaks and after-hours apart from his regular assignments on the Dart. He was Art Center College Of Design Pasadena (one of my favorite places)

It did not rely on scoops, gimmicks, or colors; the only additional performance cue was a pair of twin stripes that wrapped around the rear as part of the Dodge Scat Pack on R/T versions.

Ironically, after this amazing project, he would leave Detroit soon after and never designed another OEM combination, eventually going to Boeing for decades where he put his talent on things like airplane equipment.


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