Friday, August 04, 2017

it looks like Travis is moving out of San Diego and up to Seattle... damn.

So he had to start driving his hot rods up to his new place, and the '40 I've admired that he's fixed up over the years was the recent moved car.

Made it all the way up the West coast with only one small problem, a fuse blew on the lights, but was quickly fixed.

On the way up though, he was stuck in traffic in Los Angeles, on the 5, and some random guy jumps out and hands him a Cuban cigar, telling him he deserved it for driving this cool old car

Another great guy moving on and out for a better life than this overexpensive underpaying city was going to help out.

What the heck will he do with the cool boat he fixed up?

Now he has both his cool old cars up north

Check out his blog at to follow along on this life changing event as everything gets relocated 

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