Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Waze for Android Auto is here

Waze is a crowdsourced traffic, hazard, and general road condition platform. While the maps may be supplied by Waze-owner Google, the metadata – whether that be a slowdown further down your route, or a closed road – is provided by reports from other Waze users. Where that gets interesting is when they tag police cars or speed cameras: effectively, Waze becomes the 21st century version of a trucker’s CB network.

There’s a thumbs-up button to thank the poster and occasionally a button to confirm that the warning is still relevant; if you choose, this can be the extent of your interaction with the Waze network.

read all about it for more info on how to use and maximize the help you can get and give with Waze at https://www.slashgear.com/waze-android-auto-hands-on-the-reason-for-android-in-the-car-26492776/

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