Thursday, July 29, 2021

Shirley Temple's "Dreyer Junior Racer" gas powered car, was built by Floyd "Pop" Dreyer in 1933 and given to Shirley by fellow actor Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and now resides in a Florida gift shop, proving that it's impossible to predict where cool vehicles can be found


The Bubble Room Emporium houses a handful of antique exhibits. 

There is a working, cast iron shooting gallery from the Oceanside Pier in California from the early 20th Century, a wooden carousel board hanging above, a 1919 fortune teller machine that also still works.

While these pieces are not for sale, an area of the shop is filled with large collectable-quality antiques that are priced to sell. 

There is a Chris Craft coin-operated boat ride and 1950s dime-operated Ride the Space Ship ride, motorized Citron and Austin J40 mini-cars, a Clark Jewel cast iron range, two Wurlitzer jukeboxes, a mini shooting gallery, claw machine and more.

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  1. Nice to see Pop Dryer get a little ink. His first love was motorcycles, but later in life racecars became his specialty. He began building them in his back yard, using modified tractor engines early on. His grandchildren operate a BMW agency on West Washington Street in Indianapolis to this day, a BMW bike dealership ‘Pop’ started I believe.