Saturday, July 31, 2021

the Malle service station in Pittsburg Kansas was in business for almost 100 years, and yesterday, the 4th generation retired and closed up shop after 42 years on the job. Thanks Bob L !

Since 1924 the Malle family has been running the country’s oldest running full service filling station, but on July 30th, it will be closing its doors.

“I’m closing the business, I’m retiring, my family’s been here for 97 years.” Says Malle.

“We’ve survived a lot of things, from the depression to the pandemic, the worst recession this country’s had, we’re survivors.” Says Ed Malle, Malle’s Service and Tire Owner.


  1. I got my tires there for many years, sad to see it closing. Malle was also the last full-service station in the area that I'm aware of. Not that I paid the extra to have someone pump my gas, but some people did.