Friday, July 30, 2021

here's what I just learned about Yenko Camaros: They're factory built, and Yenko only added decals. So... why the hell is anyone paying a 1/4 million dollars for one? You can make your own for half that, or less

 Jack Douglass Chevrolet, outside Chicago in Hinsdale, Illinois, was one of the 36 dealers across the country selling 427 Yenko Camaros. 

“In 1969, I remember ordering two loads of cars from Don directly. They came five to seven cars per carrier,” Douglass told Muscle Car Review in the 1980s.

 “While my employees were prepping one of these cars, they found the original Central Office Production Order (COPO) paperwork inside. A close examination indicated that about the only thing Don Yenko had done was put 3M vinyl tape graphics on them, along with a few badges.”


  1. Proving that if you put shit in a bag in the right package, someone will buy it. What a hoax! Thanks for the history.

  2. Take this to its logical conclusion and you begin to wonder about all kinds of strange things in the collector car universe, like, why should a small block, auto trans car be worth more than the same type of car with a swapped in big block and 4 speed,simply because small block, auto car rolled off the assembly line that way? Or, why should a factory original, butternut yellow or brown car be worth more than the same type of car repainted to some color that more than 1% of the population actually likes? The values of things being what they are simply because they are "factory original" has gotten way out of hand in the last half century. Fortunatly, the rise of the "restomod" is starting to get many people to question this way of thinking.