Saturday, July 31, 2021

my mind was just blown. I wrote a story on Facebook, and a classmate of mine from 31 years ago, "liked" it, I recognized his name, and BOOM! I found a classmate from our Navy days in Orlando, in 1990. But, get this, on his block, is a woman who has in her garage, this restored 69 Road Runner, with a cool story

She was a bigwig at NASA, making the big bucks, her husband was a stay at home guy. She bought the car for him before she retired. 

He divorced her because he was having a long-term affair, and he tried to keep the car. It is an early roadrunner from the first six months of production with a color that was a rare option only available in those first couple of months. 

She doesn't drive it often because it is a 4spd car w a heavy clutch and 4 wheel manual drum brakes

How crazy is that?

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