Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Standing applause for a couple of Yonkers cops that were right place and right time to lift a car off a baby, yes, bystanders joined cops to hand lift a car off a baby it had hit and run over. Compliments to officers Samoyedny, and Fusco!


You tube is probably not going to allow this to play on the blog, so, just click through, it's totally worth it.

The backstory is that a 43 year old drunk driver, last Friday morning , had no ability to drive, but drove anyway, careening through an intersection with no ability to make a turn and stay on the road, and over shot, then over compensated when his drunk brain finally realized at half speed what was going on. 

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  1. Wow. God bless those officers. I hope the baby will be okay. Drunk driver to jail for 25 year. No parole!