Sunday, July 25, 2021

89 year old Salvador Alvarado was 14 when he bought this T, and drove it to Michigan from Texas in 1946.

 When he ran away from home, all he took with him were the clothes he had on, a box of crackers, and a jug of water.

He paid $19.46 for the car to the widow of the previous owner who was firm at $20 and would not budge on the price.

He still drives the car nearly every day and he is always willing to share his tale of a difficult childhood and starting a new life.

The T has NEVER left him stranded on the road, though he has drove home on two or three cylinders a few times and has only had two flat tires over the years.

Upon settling in Lansing, with no formal education, he started and then grew a successful grocery store  on the north side of town.

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