Friday, July 30, 2021

Two members of the Atlanta Police Department are off the job after video proves a police officer kicked a handcuffed woman in the face, because? She spit on his shoe.

 Police learned nothing from George Floyd's death on video, as they nonchalantly kick a black woman in the face, on video.

Like I've said many times, if you see police, record them on video, as they are going to do something unprofessional, and illegal, and your video will be the only evidence the victim has. 

It's the only way to get bad cops fired. 

And hey, if you have an awesome cop experience instead? As rare as that is, I'll post that in fast moment. 

this shit has got to be stopped. Big effing police being brutal to unarmed, handcuffed, non violent citizens -  has got to stop. 

The police union isn't going to stop it. 

The mayors and city councilmembers aren't going to stop it

the police chiefs don't give a shit, and the cops standing by when these assaults happen, don't do a damn thing to keep their co-workers in check. 

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