Friday, August 03, 2018

The FBI out of New York busted a $4.5 million classic car scammer ring (thanks Gary!)

Eastern Europeans launched the nationwide fraud ring in November 2016 and the scheme involved posting fake classic car ads online, luring buyers, and setting up shell corporations to transfer money out of the U.S.

Victims responded to ads for Jags, Porsches, and Ferraris on popular car sale sites, and once the two parties agreed on a final price, the defendants would direct the buyers to automotive transportation companies. The transport companies were actually the shell corporations ready to receive payment and wait for one of the criminals to withdraw the funds. Victims never received the car they thought was being delivered.

Upon receiving payment, the group would begin withdrawing money from the shell corporations' bank accounts sometimes the same day victims wired money. The money was then sent to various Eastern European countries.

Baiting rich guys with Porsches is like promising to give crack to crackheads. 

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