Tuesday, July 31, 2018

a hybrid race Porsche just beat the lap record at the ring, setting the new record to 5:19:54. That's nearly 52 seconds faster than the previous record, top speed 230 mph, average speed 145 mph

well worth the 5 minutes to watch... the only way to get faster than this on the course might be complete focused effort to dominate the track by computers.... that analyze all factors and then utilize a car without a human in it, and using mathematically achieved best possible speeds, shortest distances through corners, least amount of braking, along with more aerodynamics in speed and braking ( computer controlled air dams used to increase airflow anytime the car isn't slowing, but fully closed air dams when slowing, like that new Ferrari system) then maybe something will be faster than this five-time overall winner of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.



  1. Question. On the digital display showing the Gear, Speed, and so forth; is the speed MPH, or Kph? I can see this machine is moving, but when I'm seeing three hundred plus on the display I'm a bit skeptical.

    1. Kph. it's a Porsche, in Germany. No way it's in MPH

    2. That's what I figured. ;)